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What Is The Why?

The neighborhoods in which we serve need positive influences. The area is destroyed by the negatives of the city. The residents of the community desire positive change. FinDing EsCapes is a key contributor to the transformation that is taking place. 

Why Should I Support?

FinDing EsCapes is a need. In order to prevent trauma, depression, and a loss of self-confidence we need to be preventive. To give strength, confidence, drive, unmatched determination, and character we need to be proactive. A reaction is reactive to what has occurred, effective interventions take place prior to visibility. Many of our challenges during childhood years have negative effects into adulthood. The difficulties faced are severe. The city can be unforgiving. It is important to be a spark for change. Let us work together to produce a healthier environment for all.

Why Should I Mentor?

We are here to help not hurt, hinder, or harm. Take a moment to think of an influential figure in your life. Recall the lessons that you learned from them. Take a second and imagine what life may have been without that vital figure. Unfortunately, some individuals have never had a true mentor. Envision the impact that you will have on countless children desiring change. Visualize the results of your positive presence in lives. Foresee the outcomes of growth, development, and prosperity. While Rome was not built in a day, and our communities were not devastated in a day. We can construct and rebuild together, one child at a time. YOU are the person to assist the youth in journeys to success. Join us in our mission

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